Additionally, they offer a superior customer experience — for instance, they offer a free gift with any purchase and have a strong rewards program. Ulta is a go-to brand for beauty enthusiasts who want both affordable and prestigious skincare, makeup, and personal care products. Ulta is popular for its diverse offerings, which can cater to the tastes of a large readership. If you believe your blog readers or website visitors are interested in exploring web hosting platforms , this could be a good option to explore. Shopify is a complete commerce platform that allows you to start, grow, and manage a business.

affiliate management platform

While they do not offer anything that is neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary, they do provide a solid array of tools and features that will surely aid you in your campaigns. In addition to the fast payouts, Flexoffers lets you choose from thousands of affiliate programs to promote, offers various content delivery formats, and more. Finding the right affiliates is just the first step in creating a successful campaign. In order to drive the best possible results for affiliate sales management, it’s vital to develop a strategic marketing program that motivates them and provides the necessary supporting tools. At Advertise Purple, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to build affiliate programs of the highest caliber.

Affiliate Sales Growth Hacks: 7 Tips That Really Work

The high average order value of products like treadmills and ellipticals offer excellent earnings per click for affiliates. Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme library consisting of 87 easy-to-use themes and over 550,000 customers. If you’re a blogger and want to recommend themes to your readers, you can send traffic to Elegant Themes and get a high ticket 50% recurring payout. Lemonads is a performance marketing network with over 10,000 businesses that affiliates can promote. However, with their free and easy set-up, excellent real-time reporting, and reliable monthly payments, CJ is a great platform to join. CJ by Conversant is an affiliate network that has been in the industry for 20 years.

affiliate management platform

Its professional service team is also ready to help via email, phone, or chat, depending on your subscription. Merchants need to get in touch with a Partnerstack representative to get their specific rates. The Today-At-A-Glance tool is especially helpful in managing your affiliate outreach strategy. You can find this in the cumulative report area, as well as 15+ other options to help you grow and scale.

This is rare to see, especially with the complex nature of affiliate tools as a whole. Despite its simple interface, though, you lose no functionality — making this one of the most competitive platforms available. With Post Affiliate Pro, go beyond affiliate marketing and directly manage banner assets; editing and refining to perfect your outreach. Although reporting with Refersion is somewhat simpler than with other platforms, you have access to every key datapoint you need to make your program a success. Specialty reports offer basic to advanced data breakdowns, all easily exported and visually driven for maximum effect. offers over 50 breakdowns for optimization and management.

Best Beauty and Cosmetic Affiliate Programs

Because vetting the products requires a lot of time and effort, Warrior Plus is best positioned for experienced marketers who are looking to earn commissions on a large range of programs. Affiliate marketing is a huge industry and has become a key source of online income for many thousands of professional bloggers. We have generated over $22 million for our clients using our carefully-selected affiliate networks. forex affiliate program Over the years, we’ve analyzed a wealth of digital marketing data to identify the most effective strategies. Unlike other agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful marketing channel that’s built on real data, not best guesses. A white label affiliate platform can be used to promote a variety of iGaming products, including online casino games, sports betting, poker, and bingo.

affiliate management platform

As the first step bloggers take to create a website is choosing a web host; the same is true for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to build a website. After web hosting and VPNs as two of the most popular affiliate categories, website builders like Wix and Squarespace are a close second. IPVanish is one of the best VPN services on the market and boasts some of the best payouts in the VPN industry. It’s one of the most popular affiliate categories and there are plenty of great programs to join. The company offers a wide range of options for those looking to invest, including coins, bars, and rounds. I know many people that have managed the WP Engine program and ensure they are committed to the success of their affiliates.

What are the benefits of using a gambling affiliate management platform?

TUNE effectively lets you manage marketing partnerships through mobile or web applications. All the business development relationships can be managed in one place with earning maximum ROI from on-boarding through payout. Essentially a customizable SaaS platform, it offers a unique set of tools to manage your partnership along with great flexibility to differentiate your business from others. You can use third-party affiliate tracking software to build your very own affiliate network. But it’s you who have to do the heavy lifting and generate affiliates on your end. Recent corporate changes and folding 2Checkout into a larger company that is involved in payment processing and e-commerce means that the affiliate program can sometimes feel somewhat neglected.

You can improve your software search by identifying what aspect of your affiliate program you’d like the software to help you with the most. This platform also allows you to customize the background, buttons, font, and colors of your affiliate dashboards to align with your branding. Designed for SaaS businesses, FirstPromoter offers you various ways to engage with your affiliates from multi-tiered campaigns to an attractive interface.

  • They also have strong conversion rates and dedicated account managers to help you drive sales.
  • So we’re not only recommending Nitropack for its affiliate marketing program.
  • Then it allows you to automatically run A/B tests so you can find out which combination of elements help you meet your conversion goals.
  • Players who run their own servers, which enable Minecraft’s giant community to interact and communicate with each other in a single game world, can also offer new and unique experiences.
  • Ascend by Pepperjam is a full-cycle affiliate marketing platform.
  • Become a content creator and sell online courses and ebooks directly on Pinterest.

Whether you want to promote physical products or digital products, or big brands or small brands, you’ll find an affiliate platform on this list that can connect you to something that fits. IAffiliate Management is essentially an affiliate marketing management agency designed to help businesses grow. They have a highly experienced affiliate management team and have worked with numerous big names, including myFICO and Home Chef. By promoting WP Engine plans, you can earn $200 per signup or 100% of the customer’s first monthly payment — whichever one is higher.

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Referral Rock has a highly rated team for 500+ clients to run their referral programs. From program design to the launch of products, they manage it all. The platform provides you with a dedicated customer success manager that will help you to customize your referral program to your business. Multiple communication channels provided by the platform will provide you support throughout your journey. Yes you can use just one website to promote multiple affiliate programs, but I’d say that your website should focus on just one niche. So you mention, SellHealth, that would lead me to believe your site is about health and fitness.

Very low start up costs, and overall, they are probably you’re best bet. I don’t mind some startup costs, but the CJ site quoted me $1,500 just to get started! I wouldn’t just produce affiliate content – I would mix it up with some tutorials and add value too. Should I try to buy used domain because of already established back links or new one will do just fine. I haven’t found anything to support their claims or work outside their network or web pages. I just got my blog to the point where I consider it ready for people to see–but I have no idea what to do next!

A glance at their website shows everything from $2.50 to $85 per CPA while other campaigns pay out a given percentage of a sale. FlexOffers connects bloggers, content creators and other types of publishers with small, medium and large budget advertisers & brands. When trying to choose from the various offers available, ShareASale make it very easy to evaluate the best ones based on the metrics. The world has changed a lot in the last year, which has lead to many more newcomers to the affiliate marketing space. There are thousands of merchants on the internet and wrapping your head around the right ones can be a work of art in itself.

Vista Social

Their affiliate partner program offers a base payout of around $60, with the opportunity to make up to $150. Those that refer others to this software get up to 15% recurring commission on all products. This module allows you to create an affiliate program campaign and pays a commission for clicks/Sales/Actions/Registration and many more]. FlexOffers has lots of offers from both small brands and big brands, including well-known names like, Macy’s, Skechers, Lenovo, and more. You can browse a full directory of all the merchants before signing up if you want to see what’s available.

How does email marketing in affiliate marketing work?

Because you’ll be easier to find certain products and affiliate marketing programs that fit your blog niche CJ. There are various product types from tons of advertisers you can find on CJ to choose from. Adam Enfroy is a full-time blogger and affiliate marketing expert. Join Adam and 500,000 monthly readers on to learn how to scale your influence at startup speed. Before starting this blog, Adam managed digital marketing teams for large SaaS startups and reviews the best software to run your online business.

Basically – no matter what niche your website or blog is in, you can probably find some offers worth promoting. For example, on the digital side, you’ll find plenty of WordPress theme and plugin shops, hosting providers, etc. You probably started your blog with the goal of making some money somewhere down the line. Cata and his colleagues managed to help me find the best tools to manage my website, even though I am far from technical. They also have plenty of flexible integrations available for software, including Stripe, Slack, Salesforce, Recurly, Google Sheets, PipeDrive, and Chargebee.

If you don’t have $500 to spend each month, Voluum is not for you. However, if their pricing isn’t too steep for you, and you rely on paid ads, there’s no better tracking tool. Voluum advertises itself as an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution for paid ads. Which is you, if you’re an affiliate who uses paid ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers instead of relying on organic search. Voluum is a cloud-based click-tracking solution designed for anyone involved in performance or direct response advertising. If you’re serious about paid ads though, this is more or less the price tag you’ll have to pay for quality data.

Find a tool that will give you the flexibility to reward your affiliates in different ways—with one-time, recurring, lifetime, or performance-based commissions. You can also choose to pay commissions after affiliates reach a certain number of sales, clicks, or a specific revenue threshold. It should also have an easy-to-navigate dashboard whose features allow your affiliates to easily reach you, track their performance and payouts, and pull up promotional assets.

With the Pabbly Affiliate Program, you can earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission on every sale. They use a cookie period of 30 days and offer payments within 40 days. IPVanish makes this recurring list as well since they are the best VPN service on the market and have some of the best payouts in the VPN industry.

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